Backrooms Novel Game

Backrooms Novel Game is an multi-player, interactive fiction based off ... SURPRISE ... the backrooms.

The novel game is also called a MUD or an IF. It's a texted based game, not too different than an RPG. My development work on it is ongoing, so what you see today is not what you'll see on the next visit.


My Site List

Be sure to checkout my other web sites and blogs. Here is a current list.

Clojure docs and tutorials
This site is dedicated to my favorite programming language, ... Clojure. Want to learn an incredible language? Clojure should be on your short list.

Ski, Penguin! Ski!
A fun penguin based web-game I threw together a few years back.

Humpty Pong
Humpty must be saved! This web-game is a nice little time killer.

Gene Davis Software
Currently, I'm working with blockchain tech. The Ethereum blockchain is the most disruptive tech out there today.

Make Online Games
Lot's of people want to make online games, but just don't know where to start. Make Online Games is meant to allow anyone to start with no knowledge and be making games for the web in little time as possible.

Games, Tutorials, and Shogi
This is one of my longest running sites. I've got games, tutorials and shogi pages all over the site. (HEHE!!! Wait!! This is just a link to this site! ;-)

Japanese Chess Site
This is the most popular of my current shogi sites. You can find links to tutorials, places to play online, and even play shogi against the AI on my prototype shogi game page.

Free Science Fiction
My semi-professional speculative fiction blog. I pay for stories by guest authors, and post my own stories as I have time to write them. Be sure to check out the submission guidelines page if you have any writing interests or talent. I also have some writing tutorials linked to from the site.

Homestead or Bust
My wife and I want a small homestead with enough land for some chickens, horses, and a small orchard. This is our adventure as it unfolds. If nothing more, it documents the fun activities my family spends together reaching for a difficult dream.

T. Gene Davis's Speculative Blog

Family friendly sci-fi, fantasy, and horror stories by contributing authors and myself.


Save the Flowers!

Evil ants are trying to destroy your flower garden. Use the mouse and arrows to move, aim, and shoot.


Japanese Chess (Shogi)

I'm bringing back my popular free online shogi program.


100,000,000,000 Mazes

More mazes than you can solve in a lifetime. More mazes than you can solve in several lifetimes. Seriously, a lot of mazes.